Rain leads to Mudslides in Columbia, Flooding in Peru

Mudslides in Columbia

In an earlier blog post, we discussed the record rainfall in Peru. Well Peru is not the only country experiencing excessive rainfall. Peru’s neighboring country, Columbia, is experiencing some as well. Unfortunately, this, combined with Columbia’s rugged terrain, has  caused many landslides in the region. As of this morning, 254 people were reported dead. In addition, more than 500 developed areas are at a higher risk of mudslides. However, in addition to the torrential rains severe deforestation is to a major contributor to the mudslide problems. The Columbia government has also pointed to global warming as a cause of the excessive rainfall.

Peru Rainfall Continues

As mentioned before, Peru is still seeing record rainfall. In early March, some areas of Peru saw record rainfall totals with 258.2 millimeters (10.17 inches) falling during a 24-hour period. More recently, another storm system moved into the area which provided the second most rainfall ever recorded in a 24-hour period, with 147.7 millimeters (5.81 inches) in some locations. This rainfall is caused by a coastal El Niño, which is a localized El Niño. While a global El Niño appears more and more likely to develop by later this year, a coastal El Niño is in full force and does not show signs of weakening. Some regions of the Pacific Ocean near Peru’s coast have had water temperatures observed to be almost 10ºC (17ºF) above normal.

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