February Climate Statistic, Show a Weird February for a Weird Winter

Looking back on the February’s Weather

With the month of February being a few days behind us, NOAA recently released their February climate statistics. Let’s take a deeper dive into these statistics and learn some fun facts. Here is the tweet in its entirety that was posted by NOAA:

As you can see, it was a busy month all the way around. Some of the highlights NOAA states in the report is that the temperature was 7.2ºF above normal as an average across the United States, which was the warmest recorded February in over 100 years. The good news is that the precipitation for the month of February was much higher than normal, 1.43 inches to be exact. To read more on this topic, see NOAA’s blog post on this topic.

Looking back on Meteorological Winter

The biggest news story from this winter is the drought denting weather which occurred in California. The state saw a 184% output of the normal rainfall. However, the title for highest US rainfall for the winter belongs to Nevada which ended winter with almost double their normal average rainfall (194% to be exact). But the wild winter doesn’t end their, Alaska had another above average winter in Temperatures; however, their 2.1ºF above normal temperature departure was not record-breaking, in fact this was the coolest winter for Alaska in 5 years. People from the states of Louisiana and Texas were not so lucky as they saw their warmest winter on record with an average temperature of 5.7ºF and 6.8ºF, correspondingly.

A look ahead at what Spring may bring

So far the severe storms season has been very active, with tornadoes often occurring during the night-time hours. The big question is if this pattern will hold or not. The long-term climate models seem to think so, as they so several systems moving across the United States. As always with long-range weather models, systems can seem and disappear very frequently between runs. The more accurate mid-range models show a few systems moving across the plains, some even with snow as far south as Kansas. While these models can still change, they are a better indicator at the short-term weather. The best advice, as always, is to stay weather aware of any possible threatening weather with a few different media outlets. If you are looking for a smart phone app to keep you weather aware, one of the best is Weather Radio by WDT.

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