WDSS Completes WRF Upgrade at Thailand National Disaster Warning Center

WDSS has completed installation of an upgrade to the Weather Research and Forecast system at the National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC) in Thailand. NDWC is responsible for monitoring hazardous weather situations across Thailand with the mission of providing proactive response to reduce property and human casualty losses. Included in the WRF upgrade were new hardware,  upgrades to the WRF processing system, and installation of a new web-based high-resolution WRF display. These upgrades include  the ability to initialize WRF with using improved grids from 1 degree to ¼ degree in latitude/longitude resolution. Another primary feature is the ability of the users of the software to export MP4 videos of weather model outputs as the user deems necessary. These system upgrades will allow NDWC  forecasters to better monitor hazardous weather conditions to  help  take the necessary actions to protect lives and property.

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