Wildfires Scar the Plains of the US

    Despite recent storms in the area, wildfires have been scorching parts of the plains of the US. NWS office in these areas have often issued Red Flag Warnings, due to low humidity and strong winds in those areas. As of this morning, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association published that over 1 million acres of land has been burned. They also posted this image, which was taken by a NOAA/NASA owned satellite on March 7th, 2017. The dark brown and orange colors represent areas that are burning, or have had burned.

This image depicts fires over the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles as well as jsut to the North on the Kansas and Oklahoma border.
Image from: NOAA

Unfortunately, NOAA also reports there have been 7 known fatalities with another 11 people injured along with several structures and homes being damaged or destroyed. Several livestock animals have also been lost in the fire. The good news is that the elevated wildfire conditions are only expected to remain for the next couple of days, until a front moves into the area providing an increase in humidty and a chance of storms.

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